Peace Through Social Service

Siddharth United Social Welfare Mission

Peace through Social Service

SUSWM is an organisation of International repute for rendering humanitarian services. Siddharth United Social Welfare Mission is dedicated of the noble cause of supporting those children who are deprived of the fundamental rights in life. There are three centres run by the organization simultaneously in three parts of India with head quarter of Chinar Park, Kolkata. The Mission is providing yeomen services to the destitute, Tribal children and needy student by providing education, shelter, nutrition, health care, meditation and other services.


"Work out your own salvation
Do not depend on others"



"Peace comes from within
Do not seek it without"

-V.B.P. Mahathera

Ven. Buddha Priya Mahathera is the founder of the organization,who is doing a great service to combine the spirit of compassion with Humanitarian service. Ven. Buddha Priya Mahathera is an exceptional monk, free from all bias and sectarian attitude. He has a very liberal minded Buddhist with deep respect for all religions. He has a wide circle of admirers all over the world. They are all impresses by the singularly humanitarian service he has been rendering in India specially in bringing up more than one hundred orphan tribal boys. He and His organisation i.e. SUSWM is taking care of their food, shelter, studies and all their needs. His aim is to serve the poor. It is by serving humanity that he wants everyone's heart to beat for a better world for human.